Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to the New Year.

This year should prove to an interesting year on a number of fronts.    Both the Carry Optic Division and Pistol Caliber Carbine enter this year as provisional divisions.  IDPA has new provisional rules out for both divisions.  We have posted links to the rules on our forum.

We have acquired two new contributors to our forum.  First let me introduce you to Clobbersauras.  Clob as he is known to by his many admirers was a Novice shooter with aspirations of making Master status. He will writing various articles on his training regimen, his progress and from time to time commentary on various guns he comes across.  Follow him as he stumbles forward in his quest for fame and little fortune.

The second writer is a long tome friend of mine from North Carolina.  Hunter Elliot is a former US Marine who has been writing about his favourite past time for a number of years.  Hunter will be posting articles on various pistols he has reviewed.  Are they quality products providing good value or are they just another pistol in a list of average pistols.  Hunter will bring his perspective to the forum.  He will also touch on equipment competitors will be interested in.  Find his articles in Hunters Corner on our website.



To all of you  we wish you the very best for 2018.  May all your hits be zeros and your matches always fun.

 Bob Bonenfant

 Site Administrator

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