Welcome to Canada’s IDPA Website

Welcome to Canada’s IDPA Website


With the Coronavirus hanging over our heads we are about to embark on the 2020 summer shooting season.  We now have over 1,000 Canadians shooting IDPA across Canada.  To our oldest shooter to our youngest welcome.

2020 will mark the first year PCC Division is an official division.  We have set aside a child board on the forum for you to discuss this division, it’s rules and what equipment you and your fellow competitors are using.  This Division is proving to be very popular and we look forward to hearing from you about how your club has embraced the Pistol Carbine Division.

2019 marked the introduction of Optic Division and this too has proven popular.  As we age finding the old irons becomes more difficult and Optic Division certainly allows our older shooters to stay in the game.

There is a section set aside for rules discussions and I would encourage shooters, if they have questions about a rule or rules to feel free to ask it here. 

Take Care



The only difference between Justin Trudeau and Pres. Trump is they lie about different subject matter. Justin's latest rant involves the nine carbines he just banned. Here is a partial list for those of you who really don't care about firearms one way or another or are not aware of the subject matter.

Lie #1. Pistol caliber carbines like the CZ Scorpian, CX4 Storm, Sig MPX carbine are all designed to kill people as fast as they can. Wrong! In fact these guns are specifically designed to compete in International sporting competitions such as IPSC and IDPA. Both these International Organizations have developed specific rules and Divisions for these carbines. Every week-end across Canada thousands of Canadians gather at shooting ranges to enjoy competing with these carbines. Here in Terrace we will be enjoying Club Matches every month of this year. Well we will once this virus issue is resolved and our range is re-opened.

Lie #2. These carbines are assault rifles. Nope, the only assault rifles that can be legally owned in Canada are owned by the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP and likely local Municipal and Provincial Police Forces. The Pistol Caliber Carbines we own are not fully automatic or select fire carbines. Nor are they "Military Grade" what ever that means. They are simple blow back semiautomatic carbines firing pistol caliber cartridges. They are designed for competitions. Owned by Canadians who have received Government approved training, been thoroughly back ground checked and are re-checked every time they purchase a firearm. None of these pistol caliber carbines ever have been involved in mass murders in Canada. Trudeau just wants to be seen as doing something, so he makes up a false narrative and bans the Carbines.

Lie #3 Lastly, none of these guns were in the hands of the killer in Nova Scotia as Trudeau and Blair imply. That individual, in fact, enjoyed a firearm life time ban in place since 2002. He could not legally buy a firearm in Canada. He could and did buy and use illegally firearms illegally imported from the US AND the handgun of the fallen RCMP officer. Seven of the killers victims were burned to death in the house fires he set, not shot No amount of legislation, nor the 3 Billion dollars the Liberals have spent since then on existing rules and regulations would have prevented the 1989 Montreal killings nor the recent Nova Scotia incident.


Rather than spend over 500 Million dollars or more on buy back programs or continue attacking the life styles of over 90,000 Canadians with further legislation, why not do something constructive. Spend the money on mental health programs, improved schooling for the inner cities, income support for single mothers, improved border security and on policing across this country aimed at gang violence and drug dealing. It would be a start in dealing with the 500 murders that occur in Canada every year, 150 of which involve firearms.


 We are presently in the fight of our lives to retain the right to own and compete with Pistol Caliber Carbines. The CSSA aka Canadian Sports Shooting Association needs your support. Please consider joining. Membership is only $45. Cdn- Approx. $31.59US . Go here for more info.



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